Vanta integration

About Vanta

Vanta is the fastest path to security compliance. The platform automatically collects many parts of the evidence needed to prepare for security certifications such as SOC 2 and ISO 27001.

Vanta features

Aikido covers all technical vulnerability management requirements when you're applying for SOC2 or ISO 27001.

These checks and monitors are synced back into Vanta.

This integration ensures that your vulnerability information is always up to date, enabling accurate risk assessment and efficient remediation.

Aikido automates 16 tests & 5 controls for SOC2 & ISO 27001.

What makes Aikido stand out?

  • Deduplication & Auto-triage: Vulnerabilities are automatically deduplicated and triaged, this way you only spend time on the ones that really matter.
  • Workflow integrations: With Autofix you can make a pull request with one click, Aikido integrates with Jira, Github issues, etc... so you can put vulnerabilities on a path to resolution.
  • Ongoing monitoring: Aikido scans your environment every 24 hours, so you're notified if any important vulnerabilities pop-up.

More detailed information about setting up the Vanta Compliance Integration be found in our docs.

Vanta pricing

The Vanta integration is included in all paid plans of Aikido Security.

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Vanta integration screenshots

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